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Coeur Group’s Business Technology Consulting

Providing Business and Technology Leaders with Strategy, Analysis, Security Confidence and Operational Improvements through Innovation, Mentoring and Advanced Management Techniques in Four Critical Areas.

My Tennessee Coeur Group
State Contract Number: 44425
Vendor ID: 0000183981

Coeur Business Group, Inc.  (Coeur Group) is a pre-approved supplier of high impact, high value services to our clients under the Tennessee Statewide Contract 405.

Reference Edison Contract #: 44425 and Vendor #: 183981

Coeur Group’s Special Programs for Tennessee

Click Here to see Coeur Group’s Election Operational Readiness and Security Program details.

To see how Coeur Group can help your Election operations, please contact us and we can set up time to discuss any of your concerns and how we might help.

Coeur Business Group, Inc.
Edison Contract #: 44425
Vendor #: 183981
18 Hawk ridge Blvd, suite 200,
Lake Saint Louis, Missouri 63367-2032
Telephone # 800-335-9029

Coeur Group’s Practice Areas of Expertise

Enterprise Business Strategies provides critical direction and value...more…

Enterprise System Strategies provides expertise in a specialized discipline...more

Technology Risk Management Strategies provides keys to secure information and…more

Organization and Operational Excellence provides governance and cost efficiencies…more

Coeur Group and its senior partners provide both private and public sector organizations with strategic planning, organizational transformations, cost savings, actionable recommendations, transition roadmaps and success implementations since 1992. Our clients utilize our proven methods, models, tools and leadership as a “Change Agent” to develop and implement Enterprise Strategies, Operational Effectiveness, and Performance Structured Delivery of service from IT to the Business.

In short Our “Business First” approach increases business stakeholder and technology investment alignment and value. Our Value Portfolio Management measures the financial returns as well as the intangible value, and improves Information Technology services to the enterprise.


Know where you are going
The primary goal of Information Technology is to align with major enterprise objectives and enable the business…more…

Know what you spend
Most large enterprises don’t know where they stand when it comes to their total investments in information technology…more…

Know how to improve
Leadership enterprises measure and manage IT investments and operational effectiveness continually…more…

Coeur Group, Your Trusted Advisor for Business Strategies, Improvements and Security with Current and Emerging Technologies

For Business Executives

Transforming Your Business: Developing business strategies utilizing technology as a critical enabler, more…

For CIO’s and IT Leaders

Technology Leadership: Providing Technology leaders with business focused improvement roadmaps, more…


Managing Critical Risk: Developing business strategies utilizing technology as a critical enabler, more…

Independent Verification and Validation

Ensuring Program Success: Developing business strategies utilizing technology as a critical enabler, more…

Government Innovation

Innovation in Action: Developing business strategies utilizing technology as a critical enabler, more…

Case Studies

What Coeur Group’s Clients Say: Developing business strategies utilizing technology as a critical enabler, more…

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